Welcome to Bereaved Moms Share Memory Keepsakes. Bereaved Moms Share is a ministry group to help and encourage moms who have said good-bye to a baby by miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death . With these babies that we have had to say hello and good-bye to, we hold so few memories of them, so even years later we are looking for ways to build memories and keep the few memories we have alive. Items here are to help with that.


This Bereaved Mom's Keepsake page is done as simply as possible - partly to keep costs as low as possible and to avoid webpage and hosting fees. Just click "read more" under each category for the full details.

Please e-mail me at brvdmoms AT gmail.com and let me know what items you are interested in.Please be descriptive - the name of the item, coloring, item number and cost. I will then have PayPal send you an invoice. If you want to pay through regular mail, please indicate that, and then I will send you an e-mail invoice. ONLY POSTAL MONEY ORDERS are accepted for this kind of payment to make sure they clear immediately. No, I do not accept any other types of money orders, checks or cashier checks. Shipping costs are listed below.


Each pair of Precious Feet & Precious Hands represent the exact size of an unborn baby's feet at 10 weeks after conception. These not only make a wonderful pro-life symbol, it can also be a memento for those who have miscarried close to this age. We value life, and it is life . . . no matter what age.

Jewelry items are either silver finish, gold electroplated, or gilt (bronze). Items with an "**" are in limited supply and may not be able to be replaced when my supply runs out.

To order, please send an e-mail to me to verify each item is in stock. In your e-mail be specific with the item, the number for it and cost. I will then send you a return PayPal invoice/payment request. You can also send a POSTAL MONEY ORDER through the mail, but please verify before, that I have the items you need, in stock. Costs below do not include shipping cost.

Precious Feet Charm or Pin
Silver Charm: 140SIL $9.95
Gold Elec. Charm :
140GEP $9.95
Silver Pin 100SIL $4.95
Gilt (bronze) 100GIL $4.95

Precious Hands Charm or Pin
Gold Elec. Charm: 141GEP $12.00**
Silver Pin: 101SIL $4.95
Gilt Pin: 101GIL $4.95

Isaiah 43:1 Charm
7/8 round charm (too large for bracelets)
Feet on one side with inscription on other side

"I have called you by name! You are Mine! Isaiah 43:1"
Silver: 120IHC-s
Gold Elec. **

Dangling Heart/Feet Charm

1 1/8" x 1 1/4"
(too large for bracelets)
Gold Elec. **
138GEP $8.95

Precious Feet Heart or Hands PIN
Feet: Gold Elec Only: 112HF

Hands (not pictured): 152HH
1/2" x 1/2"

Precious Baby Tear Charm or Pin
Gold Elec. Only
Charm 120
Pin 104FB

Precious Feet Tear Charm or Pin
Gold Elec. Only
Charm 120FTC
Pin 120BTC

Precious Feet Angel Heart Charm or Pin
Gold elec. only
Charm 120GEP-PF
PIN NOT as pictured! Instead, solid gold color
heart is not black, but gold.

Pin 114af

Precious Hands Angel Heart Charm **
Gold elec. only
Charm 114ah

Precious Hands or Feet Ribbon PIN

Size is 7/8" x 5/8"

Feet Silver 195GEPS
Feet Gold 195GEP

Hands Gold(not pictured)** 196GEP


Baby Models & Pewter Engraved Ornament

Baby Innocence Baby Model is the actual size and detail of a baby at 12 weeks after conception. It is an exquisitely crafted creation from world famous doll designer Yolanda Bello who made this as a pro-life symbol and her heart is truly with the unborn children of the world. Her desire is that children could be saved through her sculpting. This is also so appropriate for us moms who miscarry around 12 weeks of age. May this be a sweet reminder of a precious baby in heaven, but to also pray for the babies that are aborted each day. We have had moms use these babies as a symbol of their missed baby, to even hold a memorial ceremony, having something to hold, picture, and then bury. This also teaches our living children the value of life and how real our babies really are.
BABINW (white) or BABINB (brown) $15.50 each + shipping


Inexpensive model, yet very realistic baby model of 12 week old with nice detail & light-weight.

HOPE-$5.00 + shipping

SAFE IN THE ARMS OF JESUS PEWTER ORNAMENT - A sensitive and touching way to pay tribute to the precious little one who is now safe in the arms of Jesus. This three inch high, oval pewter ornament has a sculptured 3D image of Jesus holding a baby in rocking chair. The ornament may be engraved on the back with up to 3 lines of engraving including name, date & optional lne. Limit of 20 characters per line, including spaces. (allow 2-3 weeks for engraved items – possibly longer around Christmas and Mother's Day)

$15.50 ~ ornament only
$10.00 ~ engraving additional cost
plus shipping

Memory & Family Bracelets

The Memory Bracelets & Family Bracelets are another part of having something tangible. However sometimes with just remembering a precious little one, we don't want just this one individualized, but want to remember all our children together, which works perfectly with the family bracelets. My other webpage, Bracelet Stories, will help us create a bracelet together, remembering a precious little one, representing your family or a variety of ideas.


Book Recommendation

I am an avid book reader, and even though it has been over 12 years since the loss of our stillborn daughter, Angela Hope and even longer with our miscarried babies, and now over 5 years since the loss of our 16 year old son, Matthew, I still read many books on loss, grief, faith, hope, etc. (I read "fluff" books too). On my blog, Writing Canvas, I also do many book reviews. I may not have my most recent book recommendations up on Amazon, so check on my blog as well either on the main page to see what I reviewed most recently or check out on the right side panel for links to past ones.



Shipping Costs ARE APPROXIMATE below. If one item is ordered that is more costly (such as a bracelet, generally most bracelets are $6.95 to ship, no matter the cost) ~ there may be exceptions with "delicate" items or larger HEAVIER orders.

YES! We do ship outside the USA. It is best to e-mail me for a quote on shipping.

$00.00 - $24.99 ~ $6.95
$25.00 - $28.99 ~ $7.95
$29.00 - $49.99 ~ $8.95

If you want insurance PLEASE request it! For all orders within the USA I will provide Delivery Confirmation as proof of shipment. However if an item is lost in the mail, I cannot replace it without insurance. This is your responsibility.