Welcome to Bereaved Moms Share Memory Keepsakes. Bereaved Moms Share is a ministry group to help and encourage moms who have said good-bye to a baby by miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death . With these babies that we have had to say hello and good-bye to, we hold so few memories of them, so even years later we are looking for ways to build memories and keep the few memories we have alive. Items here are to help with that.


This Bereaved Mom's Keepsake page is done as simply as possible - partly to keep costs as low as possible and to avoid webpage and hosting fees. Just click "read more" under each category for the full details.

Please e-mail me at brvdmoms AT gmail.com and let me know what items you are interested in.Please be descriptive - the name of the item, coloring, item number and cost. I will then have PayPal send you an invoice. If you want to pay through regular mail, please indicate that, and then I will send you an e-mail invoice. ONLY POSTAL MONEY ORDERS are accepted for this kind of payment to make sure they clear immediately. No, I do not accept any other types of money orders, checks or cashier checks. Shipping costs are listed below.

Book Recommendation

I am an avid book reader, and even though it has been over 12 years since the loss of our stillborn daughter, Angela Hope and even longer with our miscarried babies, and now over 5 years since the loss of our 16 year old son, Matthew, I still read many books on loss, grief, faith, hope, etc. (I read "fluff" books too). On my blog, Writing Canvas, I also do many book reviews. I may not have my most recent book recommendations up on Amazon, so check on my blog as well either on the main page to see what I reviewed most recently or check out on the right side panel for links to past ones.